Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy Valentine's day

hye there... happy valentine's to all... hmm... it's the second year on valentine's day without my 'valentine'. i just hang out with miss Syarizan and najib for the whole day. actually, i have 2 assgments that i have to submit this week. tomorrow will be the due date for Communication Law assgment. huhu... and i haven't do anything yet for that! i think i better go back to my room to look at my assgment. huhu. ok then, catch up later k. daaaaa

ops. before i go, just keep my words in your mind. appreciate the people around you, otherwise, you will regret when they are all gone.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

my F.A.M.I.L.Y

...My Momma n Dad...
(like Saloma n P.Ramlee rite? hehe)

...mY eLdeSt Sis...

...mY oNe aNd onLy bRo...
(What are my sis n aunt laughing at? anything funny? haha)

...mY sis...

...mY sis too...
(she is married okay! i just don't have her wedding pict. I will update it later.)

Last but not least,
(still available. hahaha)

Those are my sweethearts:

some of my nieces n nephews.

mY nieCes:

* I have one more niece, but couldn't find her pict. update later.

next : mY nephews

* there are 7 more nephews but... don't have their pict. sorry.
this is my new niece. one month old.