Monday, November 3, 2008

Relationship & Friendship


We seem aware that happiness depends on relationships more than on anything else, but we may not realize that such problems as depression, suicide, family violence or alcoholism can often also be traced back to relationship difficulties or relationship experiences, as indeed can truancy, poor performance at school and job failure.

Why do we need friend?

Simple. To keep us emotionally stable and to help us see where we have stand among other people and whether we are “doing ok” and for communication as well.

Friends provide a lot more than just a sense of belonging and reliable alliance. They also provide necessary anchor points for opinions, beliefs and emotional responses. They tell us how we should react appropriately and they correct or guide our attitudes and beliefs in both obvious and subtle ways.

A friend is an open, affectionate, trusting, helpful, reliable companion who respects our privacy, carries out interactions with all due respect to the norms of behavior and ourselves, does not criticize us in public, and both does us favors and returns those that we do. It is an unwritten contract between friends. Friendship is a voluntary bond between two people.

Friends do not spend most of their time exchanging goods for money: they are more likely to swap information for information, services for services, or love for love. Money has the same value whoever gives it to you, but love is valued as a result of the person who offers it.

Relationship and friendship do not just happen ; they have to be made – made to work, made to develop, kept in good working order and preserved from going sour. To do all this we need to be active, thoughtful and skilled.

Think about it. ;)

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